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Proud to make saddles that get used!

Jim Prewett, Peg Thompson (owner), Jenna Fields, Arleah Fields, Justin Fields and Pierre Paquelier

Branding crew at the Rancho Yerba Buena near San Jose, California
all in Scott Brown saddles

(A long time ago Scott worked with Jim down in Nevada)

“I just can’t say enough good about Scott and the saddles he builds. I first met him when he worked at Capriola’s in Elko. Since then I’ve owned three of his saddles and also had him make one for my wife. They’ve all sure worked well for us.

What you order is what you get with Scott, and what you get is a saddle that fits and does it job. It’s his insight and the way he tries to get to know you and what you need in a saddle. He goes into great depth and puts a lot of thought and effort into what he does. It’s amazing how he can match a saddle so well to the person and the horse.

Over the years his work has just gotten better and better. A friend of mine just got a new saddle from Scott. I sat in it and it felt so good, I’ve decided I better get on the list and order myself a new one too.” - Billy Askew

Billy Askew, Photo by  Jenny Coxon
Photograph by Jenny Coxon

"I first ordered a saddle from Scott back when he had a shop in Elko. Besides being a fine craftsman, Scott was a cowboy and he knew what it was to be in the saddle all day. He built just what I asked for – a saddle that fit me and my horses and the work I did. Sometimes a saddle maker will put something in you didn’t ask for, or leave out something you wanted, but Scott will listen and work with you to be sure you get what you need.

Scott was good 25 years ago and he’s only gotten better. I consider him to be one of the top hand-made saddle makers out there today." - Joe Wolter

Joe Wolter and Rawley
Photograph by Eric Sines

"I first met Scott Brown when his saddle shop was in Elko, Nevada in the 1980s. The friend I was with ordered a saddle that day, and not long after, I did too. Now it is 2013 and since that first meeting years ago, I have owned (and well used) three Scott Brown saddles!

Fortunately, we seem to be living in the "Golden Age" of saddle making today. There are definitely more excellent saddle makers plying their trade than ever. Twenty five years ago Scott was at the top end of the list of preferred saddle makers, and although that list is considerably longer now in 2013, Scott still remains at the top end of the list!

Scott's saddles are made to USE. The mechanics are tried and proven, with the best quality trees, leather, and hardware available. Plain, geometric stamp, or full flower carve, the lines in Scott's saddles are balanced and esthetically pleasing, well thought out and beautifully executed.

Scott is a fiercely meticulous craftsman -- whether he is carving the scroll on a violin or stitching the cantle binding on a rough out Wade, his commitment to excellence is the highest and his work impeccably clean. CLEAN and CONSISTENT have always been the hallmark of Scott Brown saddles... it was true twenty five years ago, and remains true today. In my opinion Scott's work is better than ever -- and I can recommend ordering a Scott Brown saddle without reservation." - Randy Rieman

Randy Rieman

"Not only has Scott Brown worked with some of the master saddlemakers to learn the arts and crafts of saddle making, he also rode with some of the top Horsemen and Ropers to learn the function of the saddle as well. He has spent plenty of time studying the saddle in the shop and from the horse's back.

Scott and I worked together for several years in Nevada as buckaroos years ago and I know from personal experience he's a perfectionist in everything he does." - Martin Black

Jay Dusard photo of martin Black
Photograph by Jay Dusard

SAB Long Creek Saddle
S. A. Brown "Long Creek" Saddle

"I knew Scott would build me a beautiful saddle. He’s a master craftsman, an artist and a perfectionist. There’s balance and symmetry and razor sharp attention to detail in every saddle of his I’ve ever seen. But beyond the beauty I also got a saddle that fits me and my horses; that’s built to last and hold up to hard use.

As the sole rider on a 130,000 acre forest allotment, I’m in the saddle daylight to dark, June through October. Scott knows what it is to earn your living horseback and what it takes to make a saddle that feels as good at the end of day as it did at the beginning. And he knows how keep the horse as comfortable as the rider. His saddles are a rare meld of artistry and function. I am proud and pleased to be riding one." - Patti Hudson

Patti Hudson - Photo by Toni Clark
Photograph by Toni Clark